Fringe By Numbers: Day Three, "Frizzabelle and the Circus"

Editor's Note: Somehow, amidst the flurry of posts, this review from day three got lost in the shuffle. To be sure all you Fringe fans get to see it, we're moving it to the top of the stack for today, after which we'll move it back to its actual place in the space-time continuum.


Day Three: 5:30 p.m. Time Slot Show: Frizzabelle and the Circus Company: Squishy Grapes Venue: U of M Rarig Center Proscenium Die Roll: 10

I can't believe it!  I'm in the same exact venue for the third show in a row!  Somehow I didn't have to find new parking all day thus far.  I love that!

So... The premise of this play goes like this: A family of dullards sell their daughter to the circus for $45.  She is a girl who is terrified of clowns.  This potentially could be a problem, as the circus makes her into a clown.  Good thing?  She quickly learns that clowns are people, too, and she befriends many in this crazy circus world.

Let me be brief and to the point.  I enjoyed this show...after a while.  The last half of the show was a fun exploration of circus skills possessed by the cast.  Not the Cirque du Soleil style stuff that seems to reign supreme in this metro area, but standard, good, old fashioned PT Barnum style circus skills.  And it was both fun and funny.  Unfortunately you have to sit through a bit of rough scripting prior to the fun.  The story could be tightened up.  It takes too long to accomplish what is needed to move the plot along.  But, that's my only gripe. 

I had a lot of fun at this show.  I was scared I was going to hate it for the first few minutes, but once the fun began, al was forgiven.

Rating: d12 = Heckuva Good Show

Ten Word Summary: Clown's slow start easily forgiven after skilled and fun finale

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