Fringe By Numbers, Day Three: 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. shows

Well, these comes a time for every parent that shares custody of a child when you have to take the child back to the other parent.  That's what I had todo during the 7 p.m. time slot.  So, I didn't see a show then.  It was a lot of fun having my daughter with me for the Friday and Saturday shows, though.  Her faves, in case you were wondering were, in ranked order:

  1. Conundrum Rehabbed
  2. Snip, Snap, Snute
  3. Frizzabelle and the Circus
  4. Shakespeare's Land of the Dead

I'll miss having my constant theatre buddy for the rest of the festival.  But, summer is the best time for summer camp.  Off she goes!

In the 8:30 time slot I saw The Chasm: Two Prevailing Winds of Gabriela Mistral.  I think this is a beautiful work.  I think people need to see it.  I think there are all sorts of things I could say about it, but... My girlfriend is in the show, as is her little sister (the 12 year-old referenced in earlier posts).  I cannot in good conscience review the show, both from an ethical standpoint and from a 2healthy-relationship standpoint.  So, I will put it this way:  This show deserves bigger audiences than it is currently getting.  Go see if I'm right.

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