Fringe By Numbers, Day Nine: The Legend of Little Bad

Day Nine: 5:30 p.m. Time Slot

Show: The Legend of Little Bad: Not Her Father's Fairy Tale
Company:  Behemoth Theatre Company
Venue: U of M Rarig Center Proscenium
Die Roll:  20 - Critical Hit!  (I got to choose!)

When my die pops up with a 20, I get to choose which show to see.  In this time slot it came down to two shows.  The Legend of Little Bad,or An Inconvenient Squirrel.  I chose The Legend of Little Bad.  Partly because I know quite a few people in this cast and I want to support their show, and also because the venue technician told me that they have had a lot of bad luck scheduling-wise.  And you know, when you're a children's show and you're scheduled when kids can't come, it's not a good thing.  When you are also then scheduled up against one the the perennial Fringe superstars when you do manage to get a good slot, and that show is playing across the hall from you, you're still going to be hurting.  I'd heard this was a good show that needed a little help getting an audience.  So... that made up my mind.

I'm glad I chose to see this show.  It is the story of Woofie, daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Pink, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood.  The two girls are friends and attend the same school.  Neither one is thrilled with the role that they are expected to grow into.  You see, in the universe created by this play, each generation grows into the story that has been assigned to them.  If you inherit your father's story, then you're supposed to fill his role.  But, there's a loophole.  And this play is about finding that loophole and going on the adventure that allows a character to create their own tale.

Along the way, the two girls meet a number of characters who have been discarded by fairy tale readers over the years as the tales have been revised.  And the girls manage to fix some of the wrongs done them.  Oh yeah, and Woofie learns how to howl with help from the audience.

Audience participation is key to this show, and with small houses the show isn't as successful as it could be.  But it is still a lot of fun and one can see which parts would benefit from a bigger audience and acknowledge that fact.  I'm betting this script can find a home with a publisher shortly after this festival.

Rating:  d12 = Heckuva Good Show

Ten Word Summaries:  Unlikely best friends choose their own destinies during participatory romp.

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