Fringe By Numbers, Day Nine: "Hue & Cry"

Title:  Day Nine - 7:00 p.m. Time Slot

Show: Hue & Cry
Company: Lex-Ham Community Theater
Venue: Playwrights' Center
Die Roll: 6

This will likely be my shortest review to date.  I liked this play.  It was well acted.  Nicholas Leeman, particularly, did a stellar job.  He nailed the Irish accent that his character required.  Grant Henderson, who I shared the stage with in the 2004 Fringe in a play by Matthew A. Everett, pushed past his normal repertoire and performed some modern dance in this piece, and he did a remarkably good job for a non-dancer. 

I don't really know what to say about the play itself.  I've been struggling with that for a few hours now.  I understand that it is about a man who comes home after his father's death.  And that his father had remarried in the years since the son had seen him last.  And that the step-mother didn't want the son there.  What I don't understand is how the other male character works into the play.  What the relationship between the two men is.  And why we should care.  My qualms with this show are with the script itself, and not the acting.

While watching the piece I was sucked in, but I was also desperately trying to figure out why it mattered to me about these two men and what the one had at stake.  When you look at a play and you can't figure out why one of the two characters is on stage, you are probably missing something important.  That's where I was throughout this show.

I was very impressed with the work of Leeman and Henderson.  And the show is worth seeing for that.  Perhaps upon viewing the show, you can then fill me in on your impressions of what I missed.

Rating: d10 = Worth Going To

Ten Word Summary:  Man grieving over dad's death is not welcome at home.

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