Fringe By Numbers, Day 9: The Beginning

Well, I want to apologize for having nothing to report about Day 8.  My body revolted, and in a fit of what I can only guess was food poisoning, I didn't go see any shows, nor did I attend rehearsal for my upcoming tour.  It was a terrible evening.  Anyway...

Now, we're onto the final weekend!  This Friday is a special one.  There are earlier shows today than any other weekday of the Fringe.  I'm not sure why that is, except that perhaps one expects to skip out on work a little early on the final Friday of Fringe.  That being the case, there is one 2 p.m. show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, and a whole bunch of 4 p.m. performances everywhere around the Fringe.

I'm going to get my daughter from camp at 2 p.m., so I won't see a show then, but I should be back in time to see 5 performances tonight.  I'm looking forward to an evening full of fun (or at least full of shows... no telling really on that whole "fun" thing).

Okay... So I've archived all my ratings into one place for your easy reference.  Also, I've archived all my Ten Word Summaries.  Not to mention the collection of podcasts/Fringecasts.

And that reminds me that I am also welcoming your Ten Word Summaries for anything that you don't see on my list.  Send them my way, and I'll put them in a special section in that same archive.


  • Let's start with the daily dose of triviality from Hooked on Facts:  "The most popular Campbell's Soup in Hong Kong is watercress and duck gizzard." - I don't know what that would taste like at all, but I can understand the watercress.  That's a little spicy & tasty.  It is one of the 8 vegetables in V8, after all.  Duck gizzard, though, doesn't sound quite appetizing.  This did get me wondering about Campbell's and where they sell what.  I want to know if any of our major types of soup are popular over there, or if it is a completely different market.  And for that matter, if any of the ones that are sold exclusively over in the Far East would ever have a chance of crossing over the ocean into our grocery stores.
  • The Olympics start today!
  • The Grand Old Duke of York, he had 10,000 men.  He marched them up a hill, and he marched them down again.  And when you're up, you're up.  And when you're down, you're down.  And when you're only halfway up, you're neither up nor down.
  • One of the best things in the Twin Cities when it comes to theatre is the Pillsbury House Theatre's Chicago Avenue Project.  I'll be out on tour during the next round of performances, but I encourage you highly to take one in.  It's free, and you can see the good that theatre can bring into the lives of kids, and the good those kids can bring to  those who spend their lives in theatre.
  • I have no idea what to say.
  • I just got a sheet of the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" stamps.  I like them!

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