Fringe By Numbers: Day 5, The Rest

Well, I got out of rehearsal with enough time to make it to a 10 p.m. show.  That show ought to have been at the Rarig Center, and I was just there with a minute to spare, but the parking ramp was being pressure washed and was closed to new cars coming in.  Once I tried to find other parking in the area, time had passed enough that I would have missed the first 5 minutes, at least, of the show.  So... giving up I turned my car's wheels toward Fringe Central.  The event of the night was to feature films made earlier in the year at the 48 Hour Film Festival.  I like seeing this cooperation between festivals.  That's part of the positive energy that I keep hearing so much about around the Fringe.

I ran into Matthew Foster who has been a very busy man this year as one of the five people who make the Fringe happen.  I like talking to Mr. Foster, but this year he's been swamped, so it was nice to catch up.  I want to take this moment to give kudos to the folks in the Fringe office that make this Festival happen.  It seems that just because there is a pretty website and a big media push that people on the outside get this impression that the Fringe is a huge monster organization, which is just not the case.  Robin Gillette, Matthew Foster, Mark Franko, Jeff Larsen, and Allegra Lingo are the folks who make this thing work.  Granted, at this exact time of the year there are others, too.  The box officers, the house managers, the technicians, the photographers, the board members, the ushers, everyone pitches in.  But, I encourage you, if you happen to run into the five listed above, that you take a moment to thank them for putting this bit of overwhelming wonderfulness that is the Fringe together.  And, you know, buy them a beer, or something.

I also ran into the casts of a couple of shows that have been on my radar, but haven't yet crossed my die's path.  Mu Performing Arts' Dipped in Love may very well have the most beautiful and talented cast in the Fringe.  And One Night Only with Mike Mahony is being put on by a terrific group of Fringe veterans called Perpetual Motion Theatre Company.

You should join us all at Fringe Central some night.  When it comes down to it, it's one of the best ways to catch up on what's gone on while you were in a show, or away from the festival.  And, if you're lucky, you might catch me in the act of declaring my worst show I saw that day while the cast of said show is standing behind me!  Yup, that happened last night.  A beautiful thing!  I'm so embarassed.

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