Fringe by Numbers: Choosing a Top 10 Numerically

Each year I put out a top-ten list of shows.  Most of the other Fringe bloggers do, too.  Mostly because we were required to by the Fringe back when we were hosted on their site.  Matthew A. Everett normally couldn't bring himself to keep his list concise and always publishes a top-twenty.  Others listed ten shows they'd like to see based on the previews they've seen, or who was in the shows.  I always liked to keep the "By Numbers" theme going, even in my Top-10 list.  I think I'll stick to what works with this year's edition:

  1. The Butterfly Kisses Effect or A Post-Nuptial Log Flume Towards Consensus
  2. -- This show has the longest title in the Fringe this year.  By sheer numbers of letters, the coveted top spot in my top-10 is this filled by piece of work, which I'm truly hoping is a comedy.
  3. Oens -- It's all about kerning in the number two spot.  This show by Wilson Loria claims the honor of being the show with the shortest title in the Fringe.  It was a close race, but JACK and Boom come up a little too long when compared in Times New Roman.
  4. Deviants -- Herocycle -- Delirium for Two -- This is a three-way tie.  These three shows are all eligible to be crowned the show with the most performances.  Each has 10.  How can they each manage to get double the normal number of Fringe slots?  That's one of the huge advantages of being a "Bring Your Own Venue" show.
  5. 10.10 Post 9.11: Laughter in the Aftermath -- Look at all those digits in that title!  Also, one of my favorite actors to work with is in this piece.  Hi, Michael Bruckmueller!
  6. 59 Minutes 'Til the End -- Not only is there a number in the title, but it sums up the basic truth about all Fringe shows.  Once it starts, you've only got 59 minutes to go.  EXCEPT, apparently this show only runs 49 minutes in length according to its own description.  Leaving aside that bit of mathematical discrepancy, it looks like an interesting show.
  7. The Chasm: Two Prevailing Winds of Gabriela Mistral -- Check it out!  Not only one prevailing wind, but TWO!  Also, I'll double the number of two's that I associate with this piece.  Two members of my household are in it.
  8. elephant shoes, & olive juice; (mis) communication in a modern world -- This could have been listed here for having the most words that start with a lower-case letter in the title.  However, that isn't a category that I normally assign any value to.  No, the reason this show is here, is because of the theatre company's name that is producing it:  20% Theatre Company Twin Cities.  This is a great feminist theatre group that also just so happens to have a decimal fraction in its name (as well as its mission).
  9. First Years -- I almost put this in the number one slot.  After all the ordinal in the name would have it that way.  The title declares it "first".  This show is produced by one of the ushertainers from Saint Paul Saints games.  I love Saints games.
  10. The Gypsy and the General -- This is another show that earns its place here due to the company's name: 3 Sticks.  This group has produced some of the best Fringe shows over the past five years.  Sadly, that didn't land them on my list.  Nope.  It was the number 3.
  11. How Does a Drug Deal Become a Decent 3rd Date -- Another ordinal, another spot in the top-10.  This play is coming all the way from Canada.  Anyone else notice that one of my standard interview questions involves Canada?

All right... That's my personal top-10, not that I'll get to see any of them.  Or perhaps I will.  Rolling dice and seeing shows at random doesn't ensure anything other than that I have no choice in what is going to cross my path at the Fringe.  You, however, may have just learned about a few shows to check out.  Do it!

And now for a bunch of random stuff:

  • Now, I'm not one to pick on other media outlets (Wait!  Yes I am!), but I came across this on another Fringe themed website.  It's about how the Pioneer Press found its team of reviewers.  All I can say is I'm really wondering about the validity of their reviews, and the sanity of those involved in that decision.
  • I started rehearsals last night for a tour that I'm going on later this month.  Wow!  This is going to be more work than I'd expected.
  • Some former owner of my house painted the dining room radiator bright, shiny, metallic gold.  I'm trying to decide if that is a good thing.
  • As always, there's some trivia from "Drivers kill more deer than hunters." -- I have a bit of a bone to pick with this fact.  It isn't grammatically clear as to the meaning.  Do drivers kill more deer than drivers kill hunters, or do drivers kill more deer than hunters do?  This is where we begin to see the value a well-structured sentence.
  • I've never read a Dean Koontz novel before, and technically I'm not reading one now.  But, I am enjoying the audiobook of Icebound.  I got it at the Saint Paul Public Library.  I've rediscovered how much I like libraries this year.  I had to pay a $90 outstanding fine before I could make this rediscovery, but now I'm happily checking stuff out and returning it on time.

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