Fringe by Numbers: A Dicey Issue

All right, so there have been some questions about what on Earth a d20 is.  And since the whole gist of my blog depends on this item, I thought I'd let you in on an important piece of knowledge.  The following picture is very important:

Those are dice.  I imagine you could've figured that out, but just to be safe, I told you.  Now, those dice are in order from bottom-left to top-right: 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 12-sided, 10-sided (percentile), 10-sided (standard), 20-sided, and another 10-sided (percentile).  Most people are familiar with a 6-sided die.  It is the little cube shaped die that comes in games like Monopoly.  The one that we're going to be worrying about for this column is the white-colored polyhedron.  It has 20 sides and is numbered 1-20.  It is also the die that an entire system of role-playing games is based on... called the d20 system.  Hope that explains it to some degree!

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