Friends Like These announce reunion show, remastered album

Friends Like These announce reunion show, remastered album

There's something oddly appropriate about the first Friends Like These show in several years happening on Friday the 13th.

For those unfamiliar, a little backstory: Friends Like These is a former band of Johnny Solomon's, who we now know as the frontman for the well-respected harmonic pop band Communist Daughter. They were active in the early to mid-2000s, touring a bit with bands like Ike Reilly, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Stills and earning heaps of critical acclaim in the Twin Cities and beyond for their tight, poppy indie rock songs.

Just when the band was poised to break out nationally, things fell apart. Solomon found himself locked up in jail, effectively ending the band's live run in early 2007. Drummer Matt O'Laughlin moved to Scotland, bass player Steve Murray went back to school, and Solomon sought peace and quiet in the small town of Prescott, Wisconsin, where he would eventually form Communist Daughter with Friends Like These bandmate Adam Switlick and open a restaurant. 

After five years apart, the quartet is reuniting to release a remastered collection of their best tracks, Friends Like These, and play a show at the Triple Rock Social Club on Friday, January 13 (18+/$8/9 p.m.). Advance tickets will soon be available on the Triple Rock's site.

For more on Friends Like These's storied past, revisit the award-winning cover story Melissa Maerz wrote for City Pages back in 2004, which details the week she spent on the road with the band.

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