Free Twee for Me and Thee (MP3)

Waaah Records was a British indie label that put out lovely twee/cuddlecore pop music some years back. Now, the entire canon is online for free download, along with zines and other remnants. There are dozens of great songs here, and the label owner has helpfully placed a photograph of a kitten next to his favorites.

There are bands here that I've loved for years, like the unabashedly warm-hearted Vancouver group Cub -- and I don't love 'em just because Neko Case punched some dick in the face to undermine their cutesy image, either. There is also a metric ton of music from bands that I've never heard of, some with sublime names like Dalek Beach Party and Les Poissons Solubles. Then there is The Field Mice. The shimmering, forlorn sounds of Trembling Blue Stars have been recent favorites of mine, so it's cool to hear an earlier iteration of that band.

Most of all, I'm excited for twee covers of the entire Sound of Music soundtrack.

Look for the kitten by the sound files. If you like what you hear, more info about all of these bands can be found at TweeNet.

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