Free Ticket Tuesday: Omaur Bliss at the Entry


We will be continuing our Free Ticket Tuesday series this afternoon with tickets to this Friday's Omaur Bliss show at the 7th St. Entry. Omaur will be partying in celebration of his Dirty v2.0 digital mixtape, and warming up for the release of his new album, Dirty 3.0, which is due out this fall. According to the press release, Omaur's show will feature appearances by New MC (Kanser), Yoni, Chris Clay, and special go-go dancers. 

For your chance to win tickets, follow @gimme_noise or @citypages on Twitter. We will post a trivia question at 2 p.m. today!

UPDATE: Congratulations to @ellieblades, who correctly answered this week's trivia question.

Q: What up-and-coming folk singer got her start in Omaur's backing band?

A: Aby Wolf