Free Ticket Tuesday: D.Ramirez at Karma, Snow Patrol at Myth

That's right kids, it's a double dose today because we're feeling especially giving. Up for grabs is a pair of tickets to the D.Ramirez show at Karma on Thursday, Aug. 6 and the Snow Patrol show at Myth on Thursday, Sept. 10. It all goes down at our @citypages and @gimme_noise Twitter accounts simultaneously at 2 p.m. today. 

First up is D.Ramirez, who you can see is a flat-out silver fox.  If you're not familiar, this mix and the tracklisting should help you get acquainted. Touted as "the producer's producer", Ramirez has recently received more than enough of accolades to warrant the news that he's currently working with Underworld.

1) D. Ramirez Feat. LDV - 'Wired' (Robert Babicz Mix MP3) - Slave 
 2) Romanthony - ' Let Me Show you Love' (Hiro Edit) - White 
 3) Depeche Mode - 'Wrong' (Magda's Scallop Funk Remix) - Mute 
 4) Bradler & Dualton - 'Definitely' - Flow Vinyl 
5) Hobo - 'Midnight' (Original Mix) - Minus 6) Mark Farina - 'Life' (Pezzner Mix) - Ohm Records 
7) DKS - Thats Jazz (Pig&Dan Club Remix) - Hysterical 
8) Will Saul - '3000AD' (I Cube Mix1) - Simple 
9) D.Ramirez Feat. LDV - 'The Road Of Excess' (D.Ramirez Chant Mix) - Slave 10) Stuart Bridges - Popsicle Meltdown - 'Missed Connection' (Cut and chop Mix) - Kult 
 11) Wake - 'Turbulence' (Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan Remix) - Abszolut 
 12) D.Ramirez Feat. LDV - 'Wired' (Original Version) - Slave 
13) Tim Sheridan and King Roc - 'Ghosts That Live In Her' (King Roc Remix) - Very Wrong Indeed Records 
14) D. Ramirez Feat. LDV - The Road Of Excess (The Excessive mix) - Slave 
15) Jim Pavloff - 'Driver' (Sender Remix) - Send Records 
16) Dirty Vegas - 'Changes' (D.Ramirez Squeezebox Mix) - Toolroom 

Q: On which famous UK show did Ramirez appear?
A: Top Of The Pops

And finally, Snow Patrol. Look at these guys' luscious locks. No wonder fellow Irishman Bono chose them to open his Vertigo tour in 2005. The band's buzzy, romantic alterno-rock is just accessible enough to draw a sizable fanbase and stylish to the point that it holds the fleeting attention of trendsetters.


Q: What did Snow Patrol call themselves before they were called Snow Patrol?
A: Shrug or Polar Bear
Winner: @laurengantner wins the @LiveNationMN Snow Patrol tixx