Free Ticket Tuesday BONUS: Vimlab Boat Party feat. Alexander East, Nick Gunz

There's really nothing special about Tuesdays, if only for the fact that they aren't Mondays. But here at CP, we treasure this oft overlooked offering of the 5-day workweek for a few reasons -- the more fun one being that we give away free stuff (the other because it's our last day to make changes to the paper before it's out of our hands and on the streets).  

This week in particular, we thought about summer's unfortunate end not too far in the future, and how it becomes work to leave the house and be social when winter hits. In that spirit, it's time for a good outdoor party. On a river.  

Local event promotions outfit Vimlab has done a boat party on the Mississippi for many consecutive summers now, but the summer of '09 will see the tradition draw to a close. But plucking a local house music legend and one of the city's best dance music DJs is a great way to go out.  Plus, this year, you can actually shout "I'm on a boat!!!?" and it might actually be funny. Maybe.


If you are the first to correctly answer a trivia question correctly at our @gimme_noise or @citypages Twitter accounts, you'll win tickets for you and a guest to the event. Don't ever say we don't love you.