Free Energy written up in Paste


Didn't we call it? Didn't we warn you that Free Energy would get their girl jeans all over major press?

Well, we did. We were sorta backhanding them for a lackluster single at the time, but you can't say we didn't call it.

And now, Free Energy, composed of ex Hockey Night members, has scored a tasty write up in Paste for their show at Piano's during last weekend's CMJ.

Either Free Energy has an ingenious viral campaign, or we just can't find a music video for them.

From the Paste blurb:

Technically, we fell in love with Free Energy via their MySpace page a few weeks before seeing them live at Piano's during CMJ. Their debut is coming out next year on James Murphy's label, but the straight-up guitar rock couldn't sound more different than LCD Soundsystem.

It's a write up we can fully agree with--Free Energy definitely isn't LCD Soundsystem.

Snark aside, expect a massive PR push when their debut drops in 2010. It's a well-informed reboot of glam rock that captures attention with quickness--a nostalgic look back at a genre of music currently cresting over the social consciousness of every Vice subscriber between our fair coasts and beyond.

It looks good, and it sounds good. Which is fortunate. Because if our calculations are correct, they're about to be everywhere.