Frankie Teardrop breaks up, drops final album

Frankie Teardrop at south Minneapolis BBQ institution Scott Ja-Mama's.

Frankie Teardrop at south Minneapolis BBQ institution Scott Ja-Mama's.

Bands come and go. It's a fact of the music industry, but it still stings when we lose a good one.

That's exactly what happened Wednesday, as garage-punk darlings Frankie Teardrop called it quits via their Facebook page. The announcement was bittersweet, as it also came with the release of Frankie Teardrop's latest (and final) LP, Hell Yep, which is available on their Bandcamp under a pay-what-you-want model.

While no concrete reason for the split was given, the band said this in their Facebook post: "This is as far as this band needs to go and this album is what this band should sound like."

Frankie Teardrop enjoyed a strong run as one of the standouts in the Twin Cities music scene, releasing five LPs and EPs and being awarded Best New Band by us in 2014. By all indications, band members Dan English, Jackson Woolsey, Konner Johnson, and Jordan Bleau — the singer/guitarist who acted as the Frankie Teardrop persona — will continue to make music, just not together.

Mournful fans still have five more chances to see Teardrop in action over the next month-plus. They'll be at the Triple Rock on May 20, at Grumpy's NE for Art-A-Whirl on May 21, at DIY space Licorice Beach on May 29, at Kitty Cat Klub on June 9, and at the Eagles Club for the very last time on June 17. 

Read the full farewell in the post below.