France Has The Bomb tonight at the 7th Street Entry.


Tonight, the 7th Street Entry becomes our own Cooperstown in miniature. With but one lamentable exception, tonight’s Entry line-up is a Picked 2 Click retrospective. Just like Obama's resounding victory, the show poses to make a convincing argument that, every so often, the voters get it right.

Picked in 2008, and with a solid album and a couple tours propping them up, France Has The Bomb is on exactly the kind of steady upward incline that suggests an envelope of infinite ascent. They’re a colossus of local rock veterans who have earned more than their share of chevrons on their sleeve (featuring members of Rank Strangers, Birthday Suits, and The Soviettes), and they’re the bridegroom of the evening, preceded in a grand procession by an unruly wedding party. Private Dancer, also Picked in 2008, sweats through their raucous sets in torrents of perspiration that would make Dom DeLuise squirm. His Mischief, Picked in 2007, are ever so slightly more polite, offering sturdy, melodic three-piece pop spiced with but a dash of the Union Jack.

Beginning the evening is Daughters of The Sun. Like the re-election of Michele Bachmann, their continued residence in the blind spots of our “Best Of” columns ought to shame every voter who ever stuffed a ballot box. Their legacy is one of persistent vision and sonic execution, they have netted the wholesale esteem of their peers, and their songs are so consistently immediate and challenging that to describe them in words is to crudely approximate a flash of lightning. It's an all-star game from start to finish, even if some of the fielders don't get the play time they deserve.

Check out the Picked 2 Click entries to further whet your appetite:

France Has The Bomb Private Dancer His Mischief


Thursday, November 6. 7th Street Entry. $6.00. 8:00 P.M. 18+. France Has The Bomb, Private Dancer, His Mischief, Daughters of The Sun.