Fort Wilson Riot help a derelict werecat in this week's Top 5 MN music videos

Fort Wilson Riot's werecat before love soothed the stormy seas of his werecat <3

Fort Wilson Riot's werecat before love soothed the stormy seas of his werecat <3

Pride is a pretty special time of the year. It's a time when the LGBT+ community celebrates itself, and when the rest of society joins in without hesitation.

As a wholly inclusive celebration, Pride represents a rare instance of a subculture opening its gates to the rest of the world. Instead of cloistering themselves away, they have the most outward, audaciously fun party they can legally manage, and they invite all comers. It's societal magic, and there's a lot other subcultures can learn from it.

At Local Frames, we're all about inclusion, from the tiniest upstart basement bands to the marquee-making names on major labels. But Pride inspires us to do better every week. To be more open. To embrace more genres, artists, and scenes. To live the message that more equal participants means a better, healthier world.

Fury Things — "Bahia"

On Wednesday, Fury Things will release their Bahia EP, a collection of remixes and live songs meant to supplement their debut LP VHS. They're heading up the release by dropping a visual for the reworked "Bahia" (the final song from VHS), which is performed with a full band that features Deleter frontman Knol Tate.

With glitched out lake waves inverted and posterized by Chris Leblanc, the video provides an equally mesmerizing component to the fuzz- and feedback-soaked song. The footage was shot and edited by singer Kyle Werstein and serves as an announcement of the band's impending tour, which heads to the West Coast after a sendoff show Wednesday at Turf Club.

Fort Wilson Riot — "City of Eyes"

Don't you just hate it when a derelict werecat comes along and ruins a perfectly nice date? I know that woman from the "Thriller" video does! But the impolite moonbeast in Fort Wilson Riot's video for "City of Eyes" is a monster of a different order.

In the video — directed by Dominic Hanft and shot partially at Kingfied sushi bistro Kyatchi — a couple's pet man-cat self-destructs, as you would expect a 6-foot feline to do, by drinking himself into oblivion and coughing up hairballs. His sorrow is ultimately solved by the thing that solves sorrow — love, of course — ending the City of Eyes title track on a blissful note.

FWR play 7th St. Entry on Friday alongside Pornonono. The two bands are also releasing a split EP on Blood of the Young Records — whose founder, Nick Thompson, tragically died earlier this month — on that same night.

Jon Storm — "Undeniable"

Pianos on Parade has been a fun civic experiment by the Minneapolis Downtown Council, and Wisconsin transplant Jon Storm didn't hesitate to take advantage of the random act of musicality in the new video for "Undeniable."

With a blissful reggae guitar line imbuing his song with unconquerable giddiness, Storm strolls around Minneapolis' most famous landmarks to tickle the public ivories. He hits up First Ave, City Center, and Fulton Beer in his quest to sing away the world's worries — an iconic tour of a city that already has an excess of good vibes.

Street Hassle — "Chronicle 656"

Infotainment is poison. CNN is a zombifying portal. Put more concisely: Everything sucks. 

An attitude like that can lead to paranoia, and that's exactly what happens to the television-enslaved protagonist in Street Hassle's newest video for "Chronicle 656." The single — which was included as the A-side to the Twin Cities punk band's Record Store Day release — gleams with distrust and cryptic politics, making it a throwback to the really great conspiratorial punk of the late 1980s. 

Shot and directed by the band's guitarist (and frequent City Pages photographer) Tony Nelson, the video premiered over at Rift last week. Nelson teases that the dyed-in-the-wool punx will soon be releasing "a bigger project." But for now, you can enjoy their stylings embedded below.

Mac Irv — "Graduation"

North's Mac Irv channels Kanye West, Ferris Bueller, and The Purge in the new single from his upcoming LP Misfit:55411. In "Graduation," the do-gooding Irv is abducted by his masked friends on Senior Skip Day, ruining his perfect attendance record but giving the repressed student some much needed fun.

The song clearly aims to become the anthem for the Class of 2016 with lines like, "I think I owe Sallie Mae / I think I took out a loan, but I'm not gonna pay." Instead, the party-happy rapper elects for beer pong and Edward 40 Hands. It's June, so fuck school. The video is shot and edited by Nino Powers, and it's Irv's first single on Prof's Stophouse Records.

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