Fort Wilson Riot and Best Friends Forever at the Hexagon


Plush, literate, and instantly endearing, Best Friends Forever’s music sounds like James Kochalka’s diary looks. Their immediate impression has always been one of unabashed earnestness toward whatever topic they address-- be it the wiles of a lover or desire for dead presidents (of the historical kind, not the monetary kind). But, at close range, the music exhibits a will of its own, wandering sentiently from genre to genre. The texture isn’t always so soft to the touch, and their thrashing rhythms and their tunings, which sour with impassioned down strokes, often seem to be in a lover’s argument with the forthrightness of their lyrics, and it only deepens their appeal.

They play tonight at the Hexagon with Fort Wilson Riot, the local powerhouse that has been making a musical tour de force of their month residency of Hexagon Thursdays, and theChickadee Mountain Martyrs, whose polyrhythmic, wildly expansionist take on American roots makes for one of the most unpredictable and engaging shows in town. Anders Ponders, who has been making appearances in only the finest south Minneapolis basements over the last few months, opens the show. He’s well worth showing up early to see-- alone with a loop pedal, he fashions harmonies on the fly that often elude bands of many more pieces. Tender and melodic, his music has high hopes for us all. As always, admission is free, and the tall boys go for a scant three bills. No reason in the world not to go-- this is good mood music from wall to wall.