Former Turf Club manager Dave Wiegardt offers parting words

In the wake of the recent upheaval at the Turf Club, one question has rung out louder than the rest amongst fans of the longstanding bar: What will happen to Dave Wiegardt? From the sounds of it the former manager, who was let go on Saturday after 15 years at the club, will be just fine. Wiegardt has kept in touch with us over the week to share his very heartfelt feelings about the bar, and he has been incredibly gracious and poised in the aftermath of the Turf's management changes.

"It's been the greatest gift to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Twin Cities music community through my tenure at the Turf Club," Wiegardt says. "I love the music this town creates....I don't know where it comes from or how we do it? But to have served as a host for the folks that conjure this stuff up has been an honor. I had a great time.

"It sounds like my great friends Ryan O'Rourke and Christy Hunt have been retained as talent buyers. These people are among the most passionate purveyors of local music I know. I think you know that I love them and want to support them in this future endeavor with the Turf."


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