Former Prince drummer Bobby Z in critical condition following heart attack


Bobby Z, best known for his stint drumming for Prince in the late '70s and early to mid '80s, is critical condition after suffering a heart attack and undergoing bypass surgery.

The 55-year-old musician, born Robert Rifkin, suffered the heart attack earlier in the week and underwent the surgery on Sunday, according to the Star Tribune. Doctors were able to clear two of his three blocked arteries, and are waiting for him to recover from the first round of surgery before going through the final phase of repair.

[jump] "He's in critical condition and resting," his son Adam Rifkin told the Tribune. "He needs to build his strength so his heart can work on its own. Now they have him on help. That's why he's in critical condition."

In addition to playing with Prince during some of his most seminal years, Rivkin has also drummed on Boy George's 1988 album, Tense Nervous Headache, and helped Wendy and Lisa record their debut. Recently, he has worked at Copycats Media in Minneapolis and helps to run a small record label out of the shop.