Forget War of the Worlds

Seriously. Let's pretend it doesn't exist. Can we? Let's erase Tom Cruise's protruding jaw from our brain, and his big horse teeth and that little chunk of cheek that vibrates when he gets angry or confused or postures like he's not five-feet tall. Scientology? Never heard of it. I think my eigth-grade earth-science teacher was into it, though. It's how he explained kinetic energy and random velocities.

Now that that's done: Instead of spending the holiday weekend in a theater watching a movie that doesn't exist, check out Multiplex at the Soap Factory, a three-day festival of video, film, and sound projects from local and national artists. Monday night includes fireworks, a film by Cory McAbee, and the 10-Second Film Fest, featuring short films captured on cell phones, still digital cameras, and more.

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