Forged Artifacts to drop 18-song collection of MN music greatness in May

Fury Things, leadoff batters on the new Forged Artifacts comp, 'The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2'

Fury Things, leadoff batters on the new Forged Artifacts comp, 'The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2' Darin Kamnetz

“I want to have a favorite local band,” I can hear you insist earnestly (and in whiny italics), “but there are so many to choose from.”

Well, you’re in luck, my strangely needy hypothetical friend. Or you will be in luck on May 5. That’s when nifty Minneapolis label Forged Artifacts will be releasing The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2, the sequel to The Greatest of All-Time #1, which was selected as City Pages’ Best Local Compilation in 2015. The collection includes 18 mostly raucous, always tuneful, previously unreleased songs from noteworthy Twin Cities bands -- at least, let’s say, 15 of whom are worthy of filling that favorite-local-band-sized-hole within that pains you so.

Will it be Fury Things who win you over with their mighty, melodic stomp "I Went Away"?  Or maybe you'll fall for Royal Brat and the demented pep-rally of their cheer-punk rant "Snowball."

As is often the label’s wont, the album will not only be released digitally, but also on limited-edition cassette. (More info here.) The release show, with Posh Lost, Cheap Fantasy, Ahem, Private Interests, and Fury Things, will be at Blockfort Studio in Minneapolis. All proceeds from sales of the compilation and from the release show will go to charity: half to the ACLU and half to Hopewell Music Cooperative North. So even if you listen toThe Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2 and you're all "but I want my favorite local band to have pedal-steel or a pronounced gamelan influence" (some people!), your money will go toward a) thwarting the goons out to pulverize your rights and b) helping kids learn to play music.

Fury Things -- "I Went Away"
Suzie -- "Over It"
Ahem -- "The Lake"
What Tyrants -- "Rainmaker"
Tony Peachka -- "Gossip Girl" 
Private Interests -- "Teenage Tom"
Cheap Fantasy -- "Ain't Hard "
Panther Ray -- "Because You're New"
Joey Joey Michaels -- "Love Hate"
Royal Brat -- "Snowball" 
MURF -- "I'd Buy That For A Dollar!" 
Ripper -- "Kiss The Ground"
Posh Lost -- "Fortune"
Fiji-13 -- "Hickey" 
Finesse -- "Find-A-Way" 
Daisy Chains -- "Good Feeling" 
Spooky Ghost -- "Denim Dream" 
Lattice Moore -- "Sweaty Now"