Food Pyramid get old-school spacey in new 'Cruisin' video

New locals Food Pyramid have honed in on a very specific era of ambient, experimental music making for their debut cassette tapes, I and II. History lesson: Food Pyramid dabble in what's known as kosmische; like the name suggests, it's a cosmic-sounding, computer-driven style of ambient electronic music that emerged out of Germany in the late '60s and '70s. Sounds heady, right? But it's worth learning about (there's a whole Wikipedia page about kosmische, even), because Food Pyramid happen to be doing some really interesting things with the genre.

Case in point: Their brand new video for "Cruisin'," which looks like it was culled from a Nova episode about space exploration in 1976.


Food Pyramid - "Cruisin" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

The video just dropped today, and was created by Suzanne Pfutzenreuter. For more from this band, you can order Food Pyramid's cassettes through inventive local label Moon Glyph.