FMLY Fest announces 2014 lineup

Pony Bwoy performing at Totally Gross National Party 2013

Pony Bwoy performing at Totally Gross National Party 2013

This August, we are invited to celebrate the gift of FMLY. A crowd-funded experimental music festival that has had previous incarnations in Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Boston is hoping to take root in Minneapolis.

FMLY Fest 2014 is a week's worth of house shows, instrument building workshops, cookouts, and backyard plays. It culminates on August 8-9 at the In the Heart of the Beast -- home of many fine puppet and mask theater productions -- in the Powderhorn-Midtown area of South Minneapolis with a two-day festival. Among the approximately 40 local and touring groups taking part are Pony Bwoy, Kitten Forever, France Camp, Frankie Teardrop, Fort Wilson Riot, Some Pulp, and Animal Lover.

The event is organized by Andrew Todryk, who also runs the MJ MJ record label, and it is intended as a "people-powered" event that does not rely on sponsorships to get off the ground. A totally attainable Indiegogo campaign has been launched to offset the cost of the PA rental and use of the theater space. Check it out here. As always, there are tiered rewards, including a two-day pass to FMLY Fest for $17, and for the more adventurous donor, a sound reactive light crystal for the giver at the $150 level.

Learn more in the campaign's video:

FMLY FEST MPLS 2014 INDIEGOGO SPOT from Ben Larson on Vimeo.

The lineup is heavy on garage rock, experimental pop, and noise, and features several bands who have released music via MJ MJ.

FMLY Fest 2014 preliminary lineup:

American Cream
Animal Lover
Fort Wilson Riot
France Camp
Frankie Teardrop
Kitten Forever
Little Ruckus
Little Spoon
Lord Scrummage
Meth Dad
Pen Test
Persona La Ave
Pony Bwoy
Radio Brovold
Sativa Flats
Shakin Babies
Some Pulp
Surfer Gurl
Teenage Moods
Tender Meat
The Funeral and the Twilight
The Hecks
The Velveteens
Vacation Dad
Wage Theft

Here's a free mix of FMLY Fest participating artists:

FMLY Fest 2014. Events around Minneapolis take place August 3-7. Friday, August 8, and Saturday, August 9, at In the Heart of the Beast Theater. RSVP. Early bird tickets for $17 on sale here.

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