Flyer of the Week: V-Day edition


In the spirit of Valentine's Day and spreading the love, we have a special turbo edition of Flyer of the Week that features our three favorite V-Day inspired creations. And to make it unnecessarily suspenseful, we will be counting down our top flyers in reverse order. Oooh.

3. Chris Koza lays one on us with a big ol' kiss. Simple and powerful. Check out a summary of this show in our Critics' Picks. Rumor has it Dave Campbell of E.L.nO. will join Big Trouble as the guest vocalist.

2. Fuck You, I Love Me. Timeless. Classic. Elegant.

  1. For the Lovers and the Loveless. The Absent Arch and Yer Cronies pair up to deliver this sterile, appropriately medical chart of how, exactly, to keep one's heart beating through another season of Hallmark greeting cards and wilting red rose petals.

As always, if you have a designer credit for one of our chosen flyers or a submission for Flyer of the Week, please contact [email protected]