Florence + the Machine and Josh Homme cover "Jackson"

Photo courtesy of florenceandthemachine.net
Photo courtesy of florenceandthemachine.net

If you were in the mood to take in a good country show this weekend, you... may not be in luck. Glen Campbell's appearance at Mystic on Friday, a stop on his farewell tour after announcing he's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, is sold out. And if you were looking forward to Canadian alt-country singer Kathleen Edwards's performance Sunday at the Varsity, well, it's been postponed and/or canceled; the girl done gone and lost her voice, with the bad news coming yesterday via her Twitter: "Hi friends. Sorry to tell you Regina Saskatoon Winnipeg and Minneapolis shows are not happening. No voice. No show."

How 'bout kicking off the week's end instead with Florence + the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme covering the Leiber and Wheeler classic "Jackson?" The team recorded the song for Florence + the Machine's just-released MTV Unplugged album, though it was first popularized by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and later immortalized by Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Oofta. Sorry 'bout that. Who knew they even did MTV Unplugged anymore? Well, now you know. And to get that noise out of your ears, the better-known (and, well, just better) versions, with all the upbeat panache it takes to pull off such a delightfully hokey song, and none of the awkward weirdness brought to us by Florence + the Machine. Enjoy.

Sinatra & Hazlewood

Carter & Cash

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