Flora Cash's Cole Randall gets $4,400 bill for Pompeys Pillar vandalism


The saga of local folk-rockers Flora Cash and a defaced monument in Montana has finally reached its punitive stage. Last October, the group's singer/guitarist Cole Randall carved "Cole + Shpresa

Randall has agreed to pay $1,000 in fines and $3,400 in restitution for the act of vandalism, the Star Tribune reports.

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Flora Cash's Cole Randall confesses, apologizes for defacing Pompeys Pillar

Not long after, Randall wrote a lengthy and heartfelt apology. In it, he said, "I humbly apologize to the people of Montana and to every American who was affected by my foolishness. My promise to you is that I have learned a valuable lesson throughout this ordeal and will never repeat such an action in the future."

The restoration of the wall is expected to begin in May. Gimme Noise sent email to the group, but has not received a response.

Meanwhile, Flora Cash are raising funds for an independent album called Assemble the Journey. Here is the first single, "Old School Japan."

The etching in question

The etching in question

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