Flavor Crystals drop triple vinyl Three on Mpls. Ltd.

Flavor Crystals drop triple vinyl Three on Mpls. Ltd.

It happens like clockwork every year. With spring in the Twin Cities comes bales of new music from local musical denizens. It makes sense that those long winter months holed up in basements and practice rooms become loving petri dishes to escape the cold harsh environs on the outside. This spring is no different for the dream-pop, spacey noise and shoegaze set. Already there's been droney interstellar love musically brought forth from Magic Castles, Food Pyramid and now a triple-decker of heaven from long time ambient jangle-meisters, Flavor Crystals.

Three being the magic number the three record set is the band's third on local Mpls Ltd. label and continues to display the band's effortless skills in a triad of galactical forms with each space age track.

To accompany the new release Flavor Crystals have also released a video for the track "Age of Aquariums" from Three.

With performances often being quite rare for the Flavor Crystals they have just one gig lined up at the moment at this year's Heliotrope 9 where they've fittingly been a mainstay each year. They will be helping to bring the weirdness on the second night of Heliotrope this year along with Food Pyramid and many others Friday, May 25 at the Lab Theater. For more information and tickets for Heliotrope 9 check out the event's Facebook page.

Flavor Crystals drop triple vinyl Three on Mpls. Ltd.

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