Flaming Trumpers, Mississippi blues, and pontoon boat raps in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A shot from the video for Becky Rae Dalton's 'Ol' Mississippi."

A shot from the video for Becky Rae Dalton's 'Ol' Mississippi." YouTube

Welcome to pontoon boat season.

Halfway between life preserver and living room, the pontoon boat is perhaps God’s greatest invention. It’s a dirigible house party. It’s the vessel that could convert even the stingiest homebody into a raving lake monster.

Add a Bluetooth speaker, and you’ve got a floating local music showcase—assuming you have the right playlist queued up. The beauty of music videos is that you can watch and listen, so for those who are too afraid of snapping turtles to dip their toes in, throw these five local songs on your iPad and enjoy the absolute best of what Minnesota summer has to offer.

Becky Rae Dalton – “Ol’ Mississippi” (PREMIERE)

Minneapolis singer-songwriter Becky Rae Dalton sings with a soul that’s older and more worn than she appears. In the video for her new single for “Ol’ Mississippi,” Dalton conjures up old injuries and ghosts of loves long since buried in hopes that evoking their names will unburden her. “Ol’ Mississippi” comes from Dalton’s debut album Ready or Not, a record 16 years in the making for the seasoned performer. See Dalton live at Hook & Ladder on July 12 alongside Smells Like the Nineties and the Pickled Beats.

Lyga – “Think I'm in Love” (PREMIERE)

When last we saw him, Lyga was holding a vigil for his lost love in a church, but it appears that same building has brought the gleaming pop singer’s passion back to life. In “Think I’m in Love,” Lyga conjures a gospel choir to sing about the restorative love he’s feeling for his fellow churchgoer (played charmingly by Elora Riley). Is this redemption forever, though? “Think I’m in Love” is an upswinging sequel to “Cloud 9,” but there’s still one more video in the collaborative trilogy between Lyga and director Justin Staggs. Who knows what romantic quandary Lyga will lay before the altar in the conclusion?

Red Poets Society – “Make America Great”

Unflinching truth tellers Tall Pall and T.O.N.Y. have joined together as Red Poets Society. The Native American rappers aren’t here for decorum, and in their debut single “Make America Great” draws the battle lines clearly. In the Mercies May-directed video, the two burn a pro-Trump gala to the ground, renouncing those who embolden hatred and bigotry. The video debuted (when else?) July 4 via Breaks x Lakes.

We Are ft. Thuja – “Mr. Me Oh My”

Minneapolis electronic duo We Are is looking to make a big statement in 2018. “Mr. Me Oh My” is the first of six singles We Are has slated for the year, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The song features band member Brandon Mingo cruising around the lake spitting cheery verses. Director Bjorn Sorensen centers his camera on the grinning Mingo, making him look like a prophet of summertime.

Sake Red – “Clockin’”

2018 has been an incredibly busy year for director Endlessvisiion. We’ve already featured nearly 10 videos from the hip-hop specialist this year, and now he’s back with a namemaker for Pine City rapper Sake Red titled “Clockin’.” Red looks like a menace on “Clockin’,” bouncing around a bridge while Endlessvisiion cuts in static, making you feel like Red is coming so hard it’s fucking with your reception. This is the second collaboration between the artist and director featured at Local Frames, following February’s “Save My Soul.”

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