Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne ponders year-long song, gloats

Psychedelic freak-show Oklahomans Flaming Lips are nothing if not daring and insane; winding down an autumn that's seen them release limited-edition, imaginatively packaged six and 24 hour-long songs, front man Wayne Coyne announced a series of esoteric, cracked-out extra-musical stunts for 2012 that suggest that maybe you should program your hallucinogen connect into your speed dial like yesterday.


The band is presently bandying about concepts for a week-long song, and has dispatched an emissary to gauge the interest of "the undisputed Brahmin of the subliminal mindsuck," later identified by


as either

Mutt Lange




2. Perhaps you've heard rumors of a year-long song, and perhaps this idea has thrilled you. As it turns out, those rumors are well-founded, so get ready to explode: it's really happening, Coyne claims, and will likely involve "probably, like, 20 times as many popular and quasi-popular musical entities than that last "We Are The World" disaster, plus Glenn Danzig and Kreayshawn and, like, Cher." At this point, Coyne whipped a glow-in-the-dark Rolodex from an Equadorian hemp shoulder bag and held it before his crotch in a profane gesture of his immense music-industry networking prowess, yelling "Is Kanye West gonna step to this? Kanye can't step to this!" The year-long song will be housed on a flash drive along with an actual human skeleton entirely encased in a Gummi gum and black licorice compound; pricing has yet to be determined.

3. Next year, the Flaming Lips are "definitely doing something with Beck, for real," Coyne asserted. "Maybe we'll hit the mall, go a couple rounds of chess, race ATVs in the desert, rehearse voodoo rituals, paint Stephen Malkmus' house fuchsia while he's way in Germany, just for kicks, as a prank. A song could come out of it, a jam. I don't know; we'll see."

4. A "torrential, temporal rape concierto" of three thousand milli-second songs has already been tracked and mastered. "We'll be selling those on our website, in downloadable form, but come correct, man - the only tender accepted will be bitcoin," Coyne cackled darkly, suckling an LSD lollipop in the shape of the Cat in the Hat while juggling oversized Gummi softballs.

5. While Coyne did confirm that a Flaming Lips song of unspecified duration (and as-yet-undetermined format) will be planted in, on, or around Carmen Sandiego next year, he declined to offer intelligible, non-cryptic clues as to the fictional ingenue's current or future whereabouts; additionally, the band's negotiations with the bespectacled, red-and-white scarfed Waldo of Where's Waldo fame are in "the early stages."

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