Five Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 8

Five Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 8

Welcome to the eighth installment of the Gimme Noise Beattape, a collection of sounds from Twin Cities producers and beatmakers. As the final weeks of summer slide past, a suitable soundtrack emerges. Here are some great beats from a new cadre of musicians, all of whom stem from the vibrant local scene.

Rube's classical boom-bap is the driving force behind Dem Atlas and Guante's Sifu Hotman project, providing a funk-laden sample-based soundscape that perfectly complemented the MC's loose and fun approach. He aptly describes himself as "a minimalist homeboy who knows his beats," and adheres to a traditionalist mindset that aligns itself with the classics.

Featured track: "AuthenticVintage," Gimme Noise exclusive.
Rube on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

Well-rounded beats and a forward-moving attitude have pushed Nicademus from a respected local producer to a force to be reckoned with. He sub-manages some of the top producers in the state, including Tek, GMo, and PC, and he recently joined forces with Pledge Empire Records, who he's worked with in the past to help put together the Minnesota Top Beat Battles. 

Featured track: "Dubai," via Soundcloud, 2014. 
Nicademus on Soundcloud / Twitter

Nicholas Larkins Perez's work spans different mediums, and his music production carries with it a particular dark, textured signature. Utilizing layered vocal samples from collaborators, such as GRRRL PRTY's Sophia Eris, to complement off-kilter instrumentation and heavy bass, the beats are strikingly unique and eminently vibrant.

Featured track: "SYS," via Soundcloud, 2014.
Perez. on Soundcloud / Twitter

Taylor Rave
Taylor Rave recently dropped a quick four-song EP of beats entitled Smoke Break EP, intended in both vibe and length to be the perfect companion to restorative inhalation. Subtly blending styles of hip-hop and EDM, it's an excellent collection of spacey and free-flowing production described as providing an "overwhelming sense of calm and stimulation, all while restoring the juice needed to return to your whereabouts."

Featured track: "loosey," from Smoke Break EP, 2014. 
Taylor Rave on Soundcloud / Twitter

Willie Wonka
In addition to tackling a bulk of production for Mac Irv, producer Willie Wonka can claim two of Prof's most buck tracks, "President" and "Zoo". Touting a large number of beats that span a range of styles, prepare to see his name attached to plenty of future hits.

Featured track: "Wild Boy," via Soundcloud, 2014.
Willie Wonka on Soundcloud / Soundclick 

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