Five Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 7

Welcome to this month's Gimme Noise Beattape. The beats keep coming from our talented Twin Cities producers. Here's a Soundcloud mix featuring a range of styles and a consistency of quality. Enjoy!

Egypto Knuckles
Representing the Background Noise Crew, producer Egypto Knuckles has provided beats for his posse, Dwynell Roland, Dispute One, and is in the midst of producing a full record for Moonlight Grammar. If his sample choices weren't evidence enough of his digging qualifications, his writing work for Reviler, Greenroom Magazine, and his personal blog B-Sides and Bullshit go above and beyond to prove the talented producer's love and knowledge of music. 

Featured track: "DrumLoop305", Gimme Noise exclusive.
Egypto Knuckles on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

Poison IV
Poison IV has an extensive résumé that includes solo material and all production duties for swing-hop outfit Ménage Quad. Juggling multiple styles within an EDM framework, she adds a unique flavor to whatever she touches, drawing on multiple influences but remaining cohesive. She handled production, mixing, mastering, and singing on her latest Neofunk EP, which dropped last week and is available as a free download.

Featured track: "TikTik", Gimme Noise exclusive.
Poison IV on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

St. Paul's Ce-Sektion crafts beats in an underground, sample-based vein that often breaks the mold by moving past the conventional. He's provided production for artists like Chino XL, Merkules, and QP, and continues to offer free downloads and sell beats through his Bandcamp page. With some interesting ideas at play, like an album built of all cartoon samples, he's a name to keep an ear out for.

Featured track: "Mr. Big Show Semi", Gimme Noise exclusive.
Ce-Sektion on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

Rapper and producer Ackronem has done production for Botzy, Christopher Michael Jensen, and more, and is in the midst of a new solo project called Lollipops. The leaked track "Never Bow", with guest rapper Rich Garvey who also turns in co-production alongside Andre Mariette, is a strong showing from Ackronem's follow-up to his 2012 album Release Yourself

Featured track: "Metamorphasis" from Ackronem's Traveling Beat Circus Volume 3, 2013.
Ackronem on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

As producer in two separate groups, Pseudoubt and Origami Bones, Adriatic has experience in shifting sounds and styles, and will steer beats into multiple directions through a single listen. His solo work leans ambient and hauntingly spare at times, with an avant-garde approach that gives every song a distinct vibe. After participating in the Last of the Record Buyers showcase at this year's Soundset, it's clear his profile will continue to rise.

Featured track: "Imaginary Numbers", Gimme Noise exclusive.
Adriatic on SoundcloudBandcamp / Twitter

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