Five questions with Punk Poet Paul D.


Paul D.Dickinson is a man of many titles: local legend, teacher, punk poet, musician, metal scrapper, bard, raconteur. As the host of The Riot Act Reading Series—a monthly spoken word event at the Turf Club, (and most recently at the fabulous Bedlam Theatre), guitarist in the band Francis Gumm, co-founder of the legendary art gallery and p-rock pantheon, Speedboat Gallery, and member of Electric Arc Radio cast, Paul D is one busy dude. So, it is with much glee that I bring to you this probing inquiry.

So, you are working on a book documenting the automobile loves-of-your-life. What is your dream vehicle?

A 1971 BMW 2002.

What is one of your favorite memories of the late- eighties, early-nineties p-rock scene?


That is really tough- so difficult to decipher a blur- I am going strike a happy medium and say Killdozer at the Uptown Bar.

What is your best score ever at Diggers? (Goodwill outlet where you dig through big barrels of crap to find big scores.)

At the old Diggers, up on Highway 280, I found $100 in a golf bag. My shopping day was over.

How do you define being a poet as opposed to other writing genres?

I have never written a poem longer than one page, I love poetry because it is so hit and run- you can run some lines ,concoct a little world, and then get the hell out. Prose requires too much of that pesky "development." As far as being a poet, I am specially trained to live on one meal a day and to hypnotize bartenders into giving me free drinks.

How come you love coin-op car-washes so much?

First of all, I am extremely fast- I can wash my car for $1.50- but don't forget, a good wash is about effective use of the foamy brush. I also enjoy those places because it is a bizarre public space where all sorts of people come together on nice days. And if you don't have a garage, you can change your oil and do other repairs on the coin-op lot.