Five more Minnesota music reunions we'd love to see

Hüsker Dü

Hüsker Dü

Last weekend Toronto, Ontario (a suburb of the Twin Cities), saw beloved Twin Cities punk icons the Replacements reunite at the 2013 Riot Fest. What this means, boys and girls, is that anything is possible. So much so that we at Gimme Noise now have our hopes up that this is merely the first of many great Minnesota musician reunions. Here are our picks for the top five we would most like to see.

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Hüsker Dü
Naturally,  following the announcement of a Replacements reunion, the thought of Hüsker Dü coming back together immediately rose to the top of our wish list. "The idea of a reunion? I don't think anybody in Hüsker needs it," Grant Hart told the Current recently. "It's not going to enhance our reputation. And I think it says a lot to be the band that doesn't take the candy from the dish." Oh, but think of that sweet, sweet candy! It's been far too long since they've shared the stage, and with Bob Mould doing everything from composing the theme to The Daily Show to dabbling in pro-wrestling since, reforming Hüsker Dü seems like the logical next step to be seen by a whole generation who may have only been introduced to them via the Adventureland soundtrack.
The Dynospectrum
Arguably Twin Cities hip-hop's first supergroup, Dynospectrum consisted of Atmosphere's Ant on production with Slug, Musab, and Mr. Gene Poole on the mic. Their self-titled debut remains one of the greatest hidden treasures of the Rhymesayers catalog, and while each of the members has insinuated a reunion is more of a matter of "when" not "if," we'll hopefully have them cutting once again through the headphone static soon.
12 Rods
Perhaps most known nationally as one of the groups who rated a rare 10.0 on Pitchfork, 12 Rods were a cornerstone of alternative rock in the Twin Cities. While they played their farewell show in August 2004, their records have aged incredibly well, suggesting that a return, even for one night, would be incredibly welcome.
The Twin Cities lost a little magic when Flipp disbanded in late 2003. While its members have gone on to continue their incredible showmanship in a variety of different mediums, including lead singer Brynn Arens's new band the Oddfathers and guitarist Chia Karaoke's Lalaland Gallery, should the planets align for the skies to rain cereal again we would be all the better for it.
  Prince and the Revolution
It's been rumored to happen plenty of times, so our heart strings have been mercilessly tugged by the thought of a Prince reunion with the Revolution over the years. Hard as it's been to cope, Prince's whims remain as joyfully unpredictable as ever, making the chance for one more purple-charged run always a possibility. While Prince biographers have cited a spiritual conflict within the group as the main reason for the divide, we're sure those same authors never thought we would see Prince on Twitter either either.

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