Five Minnesota movies from the '90s that would make marvelous musicals

Jingle All The Way
Jingle All The Way

Last week, Disney Studios announced its classic 1992 animated film Aladdin will be making its Broadway debut in 2014. While Disney produced several home runs on stage, the potential nostalgia factor this has for '90s kids is absolutely off the charts. Why let Disney have all the fun when the '90s produced plenty of films that could be re-interpreted with stagecraft and song right here in Minnesota?

That in mind, here are our choices for the five Minnesota movies from the '90s -- and yes, some that were Disney productions -- that should be remade into musicals.

5. The Mighty Ducks(1992)

What, were you expecting us to say

Little Big League

? Being that the magic of Disney has already proven to be center stage gold, the most surefire smash would have to be

The Mighty Ducks

. A tale of second chances, believing in yourself and overcoming adversity, it's a legitimate endearing work that's resonated with audiences of all ages for over two decades, and recreating the "flying v" maneuver onstage: priceless. Why not use that Disney money to score some original songs about hockey from Elton John and bring the quack attack back, jack?


4. Grumpy Old Men (1993)

You know who never stopped loving musicals? Old people. You know who never stopped loving old people? Old people. Throw in the joys of spending a night at the theater with sone cantankerous curmudgeons and you have

Grumpy Old Men: The Musical

featuring all the joys of elder squabbles set to music! Consider it a rap battle seniors tour.


3. Mallrats(1994)

Kevin Smith's cultiest of cult classics was shot right here in Minnesota. Yes, the one time outsider of outsiders filmed his sophomore film


at a mall in Eden Prarie. As much as he wants to play up the flick as an important piece of his New Jersey saga, there's something distinctly Minnesotan about that shopping center ambiance which can't be imitated. Considering how much malls, and their subsequent "Rats," have changed over the past 19 years, the rich cast of characters might aid the film in being a functional lively period piece. Plus, for all the ballyhoo over

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

, it's about time a discussion on superhero genitalia hits the stage.


2. Fargo(1996)

With the Coen Brothers born and raised in St. Louis Park, it's not surprising one of their most vivid fully realized visions took place in Minnesota.


dominated film critics' best-of lists in 1996, so once your movie is touted as being a masterpiece of the medium, why not try it in another? For all the elaborate numbers involving pyrotechnics and trapeze acts that Broadway offers these days, I'm not sure the stage has yet seen a big chorus number centered around a wood-chipper.


1. Jingle All the Way(1996)

Who doesn't love a feel-good Christmas musical? Along with staples of the holiday theater season like

White Christmas

and the

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

, as well as recent movies-turned-musicals like


warming hearts every December, it's about time the greatest salute to Christmas capitalism ever filmed becomes a musical. Of course, we're talking about

Jingle All the Way

. While it will prove challenging finding the right on-stage talents to recapture that Arnold Schwarzenegger/Sinbad magic, the quest for a Turboman doll needs to expand into a musical epic to be treasured for generations to come.

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