Fischerspooner tonight at First Avenue

Fischerspooner tonight at First Avenue

Like deer in the headlights-- Fischerspooner peer into the distant future.

They call it electroclash-- but the fine distinctions that separate electro pioneers Kraftwerk, 80s goth-popsters Depeche Mode, and modern virtuosos like Fischerspooner are so arbitrarily drawn and so fraught with exception that they need not be mentioned in a 300 word blog.

The moral of Fischerspooner's story is that their particular brand of electronic music, which is fused with enough club techno and bleep-bloop new wave that few in attendance tonight will have breathing room to complain, is intensely infectious, thoughtful, and nuanced in a way that all the Justices and Kavinskys on the wrong side of the Atlantic could only dream of being.

Fischerspooner live at Coachella, 2007, filmed by houdrummer.

Electronic music can do so much-- it's the first form of music (without being pejorative) where the artist is not fettered by the limits of his talent. In electronic music, all you have to do is imagine the sound and it's as good as created.

This is both a strength and a liability for the music-- through its several decades of increasing prominence, electronic music has shown an unusual penchant for droll soundscapism, and an obssession with "atmosphere" (which is often a kind way of referring to an unlistenable digital mess).

But Fischerspooner manages to wring from all those bloodless 1s and 0s a heartbeat that, while wholly synthetic, still moves us flesh and blood mortals, to say nothing of their elaborate, raucous performances which are far more animate and energetic than the standard electronic affair. They scream, deliver monologues. They have booty girl dancers and sly wink in each oration.

The skin may be alloy, the pulse unerring and alien, but there's still humanity in these melodies, however icy and remote it may sometimes be. Whether you want to slap leather and dance till you're sweat blind, or close your eyes and explore your inner space, Fischerspooner has you covered.

Click here for the interview we did with Casey Spooner this week.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $25.00. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.

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