Fischerspooner Minneapolis show details emerge

The electrifying Casey Spooner

The electrifying Casey Spooner

The electro duo known as Fischerspooner (Warren Fischer plus Casey Spooner) are finally coming back to Minneapolis after a long hiatus not only from this fair city but from music itself. The two were last in the Cities in 2004 at the Quest (now Epic) for their '#1' tour that spotlighted their amassing reputation for being aggressively artful -- especially on stage.
A gay sex symbol of sorts, the androgynous Spooner is always a fascinating one to watch, appearing through a storm of glitter and feathers and pancake makeup to deliver a performance that is equally about music as it is about the visual medium -- to the point it becomes electro-pop

"This hat is based on a Kabuki dance called Wisteria Maiden..." Spooner explains. "In the traditional dance, they use a hat that becomes lots of things. It is a prop that transforms into an umbrella, a shield and a palette.... I do a dance at the beginning of the show about outer space. Now the hat signifies even more things: the moon, isolation, ambition, show biz and space travel. I like that it combines several strange and conflicting references that all add up. It is real neon that Lite Brite Neon installed with a battery pack so I can wear it on stage."

Dances about outerspace, battery packs, Lite Brite and Kabuki?  Count us in -- because when it comes down to it, Fischerspooner are a musical entity you've just got to see to believe.

Entertainment is in stores May 5th 2009, and Fischerspooner comes to Minneapolis on May 29, 2009 at First Avenue.