First Avenue upgrades decade-old sound system

Electric Six taping live album at First Avenue, plus five requests

First Avenue just announced via Facebook the installation of a brand spanking new sound system courtesy of the good people at Burnsville's Electro-Voice. This is killer news. Since the sound already rocks at one of Minneapolis' most beloved venues, imagine what it will be when it gets its massive (and, from the looks of things, long overdue) promotion.

Gimme Noise caught up with Machen Davis, First Avenue's Marketing Coordinator, to get some details on the installation and progress.

"It's been about a decade since we've updated [the sound system], and it's still working great and reliable, but it's just time for an upgrade," says Davis. "We're still using the old system as sort of fillers, underneath the balcony and throughout the room... filling in those hard to reach spots."

For the audio nerds among you, the official upgrade is from the Electro-Voice X-Array loudspeaker system (which has been in place for the last ten years) to a new Electro-Voice XLC line-array system.

"The new system will have more even coverage and intelligibility," says Davis. "It's more powerful and more energy efficient than our previous sound system, and is 40% more efficient, so that's always good."

Installation is already underway at the Mainroom. The majority of construction, according to Davis, will be taking place Sunday through Thursday, when the Mainroom will be going dark. Construction will be wrapped by May 11, when Electric Six will break in the new sound system with a special performance, to be recorded for a live album.

"We're super excited about this," says Davis. "We've worked with E-V before, but we're sort of looking to push this new partnership, you know, they're Burnsville and we want to support local. We're really excited to work with them... and to make the Mainroom one of the best sounding venues." 

Electric Six taping live album at First Avenue, plus five requests

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