First Avenue planning Replacements tribute night centered around 'Sorry Ma'

In what's now become a yearly tradition, First Avenue will host another Replacements tribute night on the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25, in both the Mainroom and 7th St. Entry.

Though they don't really need an excuse to throw these bashes anymore (the first few were centered around the release of Jim Walsh's 'Mats oral history book and the 25th anniversary of their album Let It Be), this one will feature a front-to-back performance of the band's first studio album, Sorry Ma... Forgot to Take Out the Trash by a house band and rotating cast of guest singers, plus mini-sets of covers all night in both rooms.

Take a gander at the initial lineup of guests:

House Band
The 4onthefloor
Red Pens
Story Of The Sea feat David Campbell and Jim McGuinn
Night Moves
Black Church Service

7th St. Entry:
Poverty Hash
High On Stress
Martin Devaney
John Swardson
Ashleigh Still

Here are some videos from last year's tribute by Minneapolis concertgoer Eric Bass, a.k.a. MSP Dude, plus my recaps of the 2009 and 2010 tribute shows.

A TRIBUTE TO THE REPLACEMENTS takes place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 at FIRST AVENUE AND 7th ST. ENTRY. 18+. $8. 7 p.m. Tickets on sale this Saturday at noon.

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