First Avenue included in Gibson's top 10 rock venues of all time


Around these parts, saying you love First Avenue is tantamount to saying you love watching a sunset reflect of the mirrored glass of the IDS building. It's a gimme. First Ave's Mainroom and the 7th St. Entry are rock-solid venues, time-tested and rich with history and legacy.

[jump] Still, it's nice to see our popular rock club recognized on a national level. Just in time for its 40th Anniversary Bash, First Avenue was named one of the "10 Greatest Rock Venues of All Time" by Gibson guitars, who, unbenownst to us, has a music blog.

"One wonders if the Midwest alternative explosion would have occurred at all were it not for this cornerstone venue," writes Russell Hall, shining a spotlight on the club's intimate Entry.

Other clubs recognized in the list include L.A.'s Whisky A-Go-Go, the defunct CBGB, and Liverpool's famed Cavern Club. Check out the full list here.