First Avenue, Dylan's home, Stinson Roof among Rolling Stone landmarks

For rock 'n' roll road-trippers, Rolling Stone has assembled a list of spots around the country that are worth a peek. This is everything from Chess Records in Chicago to Hitsville U.S.A. in Detroit to the Park Hill Houses in Staten Island, where the Wu-Tang Clan formed.

As you might expect, a trio of Minnesota spots are on this grand tour of the lore of popular music. We can gauge your level of obsessiveness by how many you've actually seen in person.

To begin, there's First Avenue. Aside from those of us who actually go inside there on a regular basis for music entertainment, this is actually an important landmark in the grand scheme of downtown Minneapolis. The corner of First Avenue and Seventh Street is familiar to anyone doing much of anything in the city -- Timberwolves, Twins, and any number of nightlife choices. Most music fans have long since lost count of how many times they've been at this spot.
Obsessiveness: Fair to Moderate

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Then, there's the Stinson Roof. Given the year that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees the Replacements have had, plenty of us are aware of what lurks at 2215 Bryant Ave. S. in Uptown. This former home of Bob and Tommy Stinson is where the Let It Be photo shoot took place, and an iconic idea about the band was born. While thousands of folks have cruised down that stretch of Bryant -- it's better for bikers, honestly -- we'll only credit those who knowingly stopped to look at the house. There's no plaque of distinction just yet.
Obsessiveness: Moderate

Finally, you want to call yourself an obsessive music fan? Go to Bob Dylan's Childhood Home in Hibbing. It's 193 miles from Minneapolis, and the town holds just above 16,000 occupants. The steps in front of this stucco home have likely absorbed the tears of too many to count over the years, but how about yours?
Obsessiveness: Moderate to Severe

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