First Ave Garage Sale: Much Better Than Black Friday

Black is a killer hue. It's slimming, it hides stains, and it matches nearly everything. A key exception -- when you combine black with Friday. Every Thanksgiving season, a typically stellar day of the week turns uglier than our fractured marriage with Wisconsin.

First Avenue can help. In a few short days, the downtown venue -- which just so happens to be painted black -- is hosting its annual garage sale. Note: It's not on Friday.


Mark your calendars appropriately.

Friday, November 28 should now be devoted to "Quiet Reflection, Good Deeds, Nursing Any Applicable Hangover" and Sunday, December 7 is henceforth "Picking Up Unique Music-Related Gifts While Supporting a Good Cause and Sipping Beer."

Yes, the bar will be open during the First Avenue Garage Sale. Praise Hops!

What sorts of tchotchkes, baubles, and assorted keepsakes will be up for grabs and silent auction? Expect to find:
*Official First Avenue and Turf Club merch
*Band merchandise and promo items
*Turf Club items from the recent renovations
*Clown Lounge decor (see above and below)
*Donated items from First Avenue friends and family

Don't run the risk of getting trampled for a cheap TV at Walmart. End the cycle, and part with a few ducats for something like a hog's head or a bar stool that once resided in the Clown Lounge.

Not only will such an act stimulate conversation in your home for the rest of your life, but your purchase will benefit the Twin Cities Music Community Trust, which helps members of the local music community pay their bills when they're unable to work due to unforeseen illnesses or accidents.

Take black back.

First Avenue Garage Sale. All ages, noon-5 p.m., Sunday, December 7 at First Avenue. Info.


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