Finding Novyon is California dreamin’ in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Finding Novyon

Finding Novyon YouTube

What’s in Los Angeles for Minnesotans?

Not just a cure for seasonal affective disorder. L.A. has increasingly become a stepping stone for local artists looking to test their trade outside the Minnesota bubble. No Kim just skipped town to try their luck on the West Coast, joining Tiny Deaths, Angelo Bombay, and this week’s Local Frames feature Finding Novyon.

It’s tempting to stay in the hometown scene. It’s easier to get over when you’re amongst friends, and the local angle is enough to get people in the room. But what do you have when that’s all stripped away? Let’s take a moment to applaud those folks who are trying to start over in a bigger fishbowl.

Finding Novyon - “What’s Best”

Finding Novyon has been flourishing since his relocation, something he readily shows off in the new video for “What’s Best.” Directors Jay Christensen and Gabe Hostetler frame Novy as the protagonist on a journey of discovery in his adopted hometown. While Novyon cruises around in a convertible sipping on In-n-Out shakes and catches waves out by the pier, the crew follows along, documenting his evolution into a national-level punchline artist.

Maolu ft. Lady J - “Vacation” (PREMIERE)

The 21-year-old half-Liberian, half-Italian musician Maolu and local producer Infinity~Suite released a new song every week last summer, but it’s been pretty quiet for the duo since then. That’s because they’ve been hashing out dozens of new demos of the tracks, the first of which they’re releasing today. “Vacation” features the vocals of Lady J overlaying Infinity~Suite’s soft jazz beat with a Frank Sinatra-inspired hook and Maolu sing-rapping from deep in the cut. Director Henry Ariza gives life to the song with a trippy visual that’s soaked in neon.

Bryce Jaymes ft. Truman Delgado - “Loco”

Bryce Jaymes added a little bit of craziness to the production of his video for “Loco.” Jaymes, Delgado, and the team from Aglow Studio Productions shot up to St. Cloud during a blizzard to shoot the visual. The sketchy and otherworldly situation helped drive home the song’s message about the passage of time and how familiar places (and people) can quickly become foreign and strange. Buddy Beats provides the contemplative beat, and Delgado’s twangy hook takes it home.

Manny Phesto - "Young Bro"

Director Mercies May cast actor Darrin Barber in the role Barbershop, the rapper protagonist in Manny Phesto’s latest video for “Young Bro.” Over the course of the song, Barbershop lets his ambition overtake his senses, and he ends up betraying his friend in his destructive pursuit of success. The video also stars Eric Parker, Shahd Elkheir, and Hardy Coleman, and Tz1 provides the beat. Manny Phesto is currently putting finishing touches on a new album due out later this year.

Last Word ft. Dwynell Roland and MaLLy - “Let It All Go”

Whatever happened to MaLLy? It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the once-touted local rapper, but Minneapolis producer Last Word has brought the reclusive multi-talent out of hiding and paired him with rising MC Dwynell Roland on his new song “Let It All Go.” Victor Rukavina of 1 Light Films captures the collaboration, letting the two rappers loose in front of a futuristic lighting array. Last Word’s disorienting beat does most of the heavy lifting, setting the tone for a banger of a song that no one saw coming.

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