Film of MJ's final rehearsals hits web


It's brief, it's sad, and it's ghastly. But then, so was his life.

A video of Michael Jackson rehearsing Thriller's "Human Nature" during a run up to his so-called "This Is It" concert series (which he claimed would be his final live shows before entering a retirement) shows a skeletal MJ going through a few rudimentary choreography steps onstage with a live band. Filmed just weeks before his death in June, the rehearsal footage may be the last footage of Jackson in a performative capacity.

There are a couple notable moments in this 45 second long clip.

First, Jackson is clearly singing through his headset mic. Call us jaded assholes, but we always assumed that MJ was lip-synching his live shows, and that the headset mic was just for show. You know, a Spearsian accessory.

But, at least in rehearsals, Jackson is definitely using his own pipes during "Human Nature." And you know, he doesn't sound half bad--he's still got that breathy soprano that he cultivated on Thriller and beyond, and he hits just a handful of sour notes.

There is one unsightly gesture here, though. We don't mean to be critical, but, well, we're critics. Can someone explain the dance move that goes down at 0:11? It's an unsettling, wiggly fart wave of a move. Maybe it's something Jackson had planned to perfect before showtime. Call us addicts of gallows humor, but we couldn't help snickering at this momentary lapse in majesty.