Fighting Cambodian Midgets: Wait till FOX hears about this

When you're the president of the Cambodian Midget Fighting League (CMFL), you can be a little sensitive when it comes to heckling. When CMFL President Yang Sihamoni bragged his crew of 42 short-statured commandos could "take on anything; man, beast, or machine," he was called out by an undisclosed fan to fight a lion. Believing his crew could "out-wit and out-muscle" a lion, Sihamoni rose to the challenge and an African lion was shipped to the city of Kampong Chhnang, where, in an April 30 contest sanctioned by the Cambodian government, the African lion went medieval on the Midget Fighting League, killing 28 and severely injuring 14 others.

Well, thankfully no midgets (little people - sorry!) were injured or killed during this latest internet hoax. It seems one of those "if a monkey and a dog got into a fight, who would win" conversations took place between a couple of friends, and a clever BBC News page was crafted with a spoof so fresh, Snopes doesn't even have an entry for it.

If the thought of a Cambodian Midget Fighting League aroused your savage tendencies, you can be the first on your block to own a CMFL T-shirt. And check the FOX fall line-up for a half-baked rip-off reality show when that Brooke Shields Las Vegas car dealership sitcom tanks after three episodes. Sadly, "New Car Smell" is not an internet hoax, but a harsh reality served cold.

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