Femi Kuti roars, the Wailers squawk at the Zoo

Femi Kuti and The Wailers / Minnesota Zoo / August 2, 2007 Text by Peter S. Scholtes | Photos by Daniel Corrigan

Walking to the amphitheater of the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley takes you past a fleet of boats made in the glossy likeness of giant swans. Beyond this surreal sight, a bridge brings you to what appears to be, what feels like, an island. If you're late, as we were last night to see Femi Kuti, then the music invites you across the water, like the sun, and echoes out as far as the outer parking lot. "You're late, you're late," cried Femi's alto sax in the sky, as we headed for his island.

Read the rest of Peter S. Scholtes review, and check out Daniel Corrigan's photos, in our gallery section!

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