Feeling Nostalgic for 2003?

An expanded version of Halloween, Alaska's stellar self-titled debut is set for an April 26 release on East Side Digital. The disc (which pushes the release of the group's follow-up into the fall) includes multimedia extras like a lyric sheet (whoo!) and an instrumental rehash of the entire album in MP3 form. More noteworthy are the three bonus tracks: the Vic 20 remix of "All the Arms Around You" muddles an originally sparse atmosphere with echoing vocals and kaleidoscopic organ. A pleasant if unsurprising acoustic demo of "Telling Me" pines for the band's usual lush electroscape. But the real reason fans might lay down money for an album they already own is the wide-release debut of "Warning Track," a six-minute uphill climb that peaks with James Diers's vocals succumbing to crashing waves of guitars and assorted gadgetry.

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