Feb. 26, 2009: Little Man, No Doubt & Spiritual Mansions


Twin Cities News:

-- NME features Solid Gold.

-- Washington City Paper's Black Plastic Bag interviews Erik Appelwick of Tapes 'n Tapes.

-- The reunited No Doubt will play the Xcel in July.

-- MN Daily interviews Ryan Harris of the Spiritual Mansions & reviews the band's new album Touched.

-- Video footage of Brother Ali hosting Last of the Record Buyers... Lazerbeak & Medium Zach compete in a beat-off (not nearly as scandalous as it sounds).

-- MPLS St. Paul reviews Andy McKee's Cedar Cultural Center show.

-- Mark Olson & Gary Louris have extended their tour, adding 10 dates.

-- The Spectator  and Lumino profile P.O.S.

-- Rift reviews P.O.S., Little Man, Seconds Before, Now Now Every Children, Hand Over Fist & Casanatra.

-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: STNNNG release out-of-print 7 inch for free download & Element nightclub closes.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- These Arms Are Snakes, Darker My Love & All The Saints @ Triple Rock

These Arms Are Snakes: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Darker My Love: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

All The Saints: (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Aqueduct, Lazer Forever & the Battle Royale @ the Entry

Aqueduct: (Official) (MySpace)

Lazer Forever: (MySpace)

The Battle Royale: (Official) (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- A plus D "Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs. MGMT)" (mp3)


-- Bodies of Water "Dear Boy" (mp3)


-- Cursive "From the Hips" (mp3)


-- Dog Day "Rome" (mp3)


-- Franz Diego "The EP" (zip)


-- Freez "The For Real It's Too E-Z" (zip)


-- HURT "Pandora" (mp3)

-- HURT "Wars" (mp3)


-- Mavin MC "The Craftmaster EP" (zip)


-- Michna "Swiss Glide" (mp3)


-- Radar Bros "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" (mp3)


-- Say Hi "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" (mp3)


-- Youth Group "All This Will Pass" (mp3)