F*ck him, he's famous: David Guetta in MPLS tonight

Just a reminder that dreamy French DJ/producer David Guetta is in Minneapolis for the first time tonight for what will no doubt be an insane crowd for a Tuesday (prepare to phone in some sick time).

Guetta is famous (relatively) for his house production that features smoov R&B vocalists and radio-friendly beats and for his "F*ck Me I'm Famous" parties in Ibiza and beyond. 

Also, did we mention he's French? In dance music, that goes a long way (thanks to two certain "robots").

As mentioned in previous posts about tonight, Guetta is pretty fabulous when it comes to track selection (think Cassius meets DJ Falcon meets an aging pop radio jock).  Some of the croony vocal stylings can get a bit old and make his set sound like one long song, but when he sticks to good beats and varies up his tracks it's something to remember.


Our favorite Guetta track (listen to more tracks here.):