Faux Jean at the Uptown Bar tonight

Fortunately for the Uptown Bar, which breathes its last this Sunday, Faux Jean usually travels in funereally appropriate attire.

Faux Jean, the local vets, are known as much for their snappy dress as for their catchy songcraft, and as the sands run out for the Uptown Bar, the band's original line-up stops by to pay respects.

Do not adjust your monitor--Faux Jean are a stop-motion band.

For nearly a decade in our local music community, Faux Jean has been a vibrant constant--a standby element that has made our venues and boomboxes better looking and better sounding. A marriage of rabidly attractive pop songs and tailored threads, it's the mod party you can always count on to go easy on your ears.

Meanwhile, for the Uptown Bar, the clock ticks and tocks, ever nearing that fateful zero hour when the taps fizzle out for the final time. You may have been to the Uptown Bar before, and may have seen Faux Jean numerous times. But you only get one chance to say goodbye. Don't let it go to waste.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $8.00. With John Swardson and Get Gone, Luke's Angels. Uptown Bar, 3018 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis; 612.823.4719.